Fresh Florida style even when you’re ‘glowing’

We Florida women have got summer style down to a science. Spend any amount of time here, and you understand what humidity and rain does to your hair; the futility of 1.flat ironing 2. curling or 3. Using any form of hairspray . We have tried every humidity resistant product there is. We have found our magic deodorant and learned not to wear fruity fragrances when a. At the beach or b. Anywhere near flora or fauna. Can you say skeeter/no-see-um/any- other- ginormous- weird- bug- we- have- here- in Florida magnet?!

And yes, make fun of us all you like, but we have found a certain way of cool, casual dressing that withstands the tropical heat.

Recently, I was lucky enough to be the guest of Innisbrook Resort in Palm Harbor , Florida, for social media day. My friend, who is the real blogger here (check her out at took me as her ‘plus 1’.

I wore a hot pink maxi dress with a cold shoulder, accessorized with some Florida friendly sandals( its what we live in y’all!) with pastel stone embellishment. My new friend Ramona wore a maxi dress with spaghetti straps in a beautiful dreamy combination of colors that reminded me of an impressionist watercolor.

A few days later, I attended an outdoor charity concert at Skipper’s Smokehouse..a local watering hole known for it’s innovative musical bookings featuring jazz, blues and rock.

And yes, I said outdoor concert. In Florida. In June. Sizzling!

Said venue calls for cool dressing and a willingness to accept that your feet WILL get dirty in the sand most of the flooring is well…non existant.

I wore a white eyelet midi dress by Reba McIntire and fun to dance in. I loved what some of the other women were wearing, including my friend, Renee, who bought her off white mini dress with knotted embellishments off of Poshmark. Way to go!

Here’s a silly snapchat to get an idea of our cool summer whites.

Other ladies went bo ho chic with maxi dresses, gypsy jewelry and leather gladiator sandals..

This is how we do it in the Florida summer heat – cotton dresses that move and flow and don’t stick to your body.

We can still be fashionable; a little bit hippy dippy and Stevie Nicks wandering gypsy woman …and a whole lot of glow.

#floridalife #floridafashion


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