7 easy ways to bring out your inner Hippie

I have a certain fondness for the 70’s….ok, I may be way too familiar with the fashion of the time!

That admission aside, I am never one to pass up a good ‘Hippie-fest’, and Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks put on a good one last night!

Besides all the amazing Greek restaurants, music and belly dancing on the docks, the festival had beer &wine tents, live music on a central stage and all assortment of food tents. Greek, Mexican and BBQ!

I was there for The Black Honkeys, a local band that brings the 70’s cool vibe and funk to the stage. They also can put on some cool hippie outfits.

And that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Let’s get right down to what you need to be a fashionable hippie!

1. Daisies!

Whether you wear them or hold them, daisies are a sure sign of the summer of love.

2. Bell sleeves and fringed vests.

3. Psychedelic colors and bell bottoms.

4. Denim jackets with crazy appliques, granny glasses and dont forget the peace sign!

5. Crazy prints, tie dye and head scarves

(Look how cute my friend Jeanie looks! What a very Brady print!)

6. Boho! I opted for a tie dye head scarf, a faux leather mock chinle print crossbody with a fringed tassel, and a boho jumpsuit with some long beads. Nothing says hippie like some love beads!

7. Macrame halter top paired with some groovy batik print bell bottoms!

The music was blaring, the beer and wine was flowing and the streets were full of people sweating and dancing to the music of The Black Honkeys. Shout out to Nicole (female vocalist with TBH) with her awesome glittery head scarf and batik print babydoll top over bell bottoms.

#tarponsprings #hippiefest #summeroflove #freakyfashion #theblackhonkeys


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