Millennial chic

Exciting things are happening in downtown Tampa..including the influx of that highly desired Millennial demographic.

I first noticed that I was the oldest one in the crowd at the Margarita-fest earlier this year. Part of me feels old, and part of me is excited that the downtown area is invigorated by young people. Oh gosh. ‘Young people.’

I sound like my grandmother.

This past Saturday night, I was a guest at a country themed fundraising party hosted by Lombardo Real Estate at Franklin Manor.

The crowd was heavy and jamming to the tunes of Skylar Clark, a Florida country artist.

I couldn’t help but notice the average age of the audience appeared to be ummm 20 something…and every one of them had great style!

Here are just a few of my favorite looks:

Beetlejuice stripes! I love the crop top with matching high waisted and flared trousers. So cute!

Lots of rompers ..and crossbody bags. This one caught my eye because of the summery coral color and the way she styled it with suede booties, giving it a slightly country feel. Boots and booties were definitely trending.

Case in point ^^ and check out this adorable romper. These girls have legs!!

And her boots were cowboy boots with a wedge! Never seen THAT before.

And I loved this summer navy and white striped romper with strappy sandals.

and another example of summer casual; more crossbodies and sundresses.

You know I love a jumpsuit! This girl wowed in a gingham (how country!) cut- down-to-there stunner!


Here’s another cute sundress – a strapless maxi this time, worn with flats that are very trendy and guess what? My ‘model’ confessed she bought them at Payless. Fashion doesnt have to be is all about styling!

As for me, I settled on a lemon yellow sundress with an empire waistline. I paired it with a flirty yellow lace bra with just enough of the trim showing to be sweetly sexy, and white Esprit sandals.

Our next stop was The Gin Joint of downtown Tampa’s trendiest establishments.

What immediately caught my eye was the fabulous tomato red cocktail dress worn by the female vocalist. This dress is elegant and unique with its dips, ruffles and flares.

Just look at the back!

This whole ensemble, including the flower in her hair made me think of Billy Holiday. It was so modern, chic and yet so retro.


I am so excited to see downtown Tampa’s nightlife developing. I have to say, Tampa has got some beautiful women! Oh, and here’s one shot I took of a guy that was doing his best Luke Bryan impression. Am I right?

Who knows? Maybe it WAS him?! You never know, this IS Tampa after all. Weirder things have happened.😜

Well, fashion friends, that’s what people were wearing last weekend.

Maybe I’ll see you out and about!

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