It’s that time of year again..

Where I stress about what to wear to #TBFW (Tampa Bay Fashion Week)

It is an event that is celebrating its 11th year, and one that I look forward to every September. All of Tampa Bays fashionistas gather for a runway show of local designers and national brands. For the past two years, it has been hosted by International Plaza.

So. I scoured the fashion mags and the stores for the latest fall fashion trends, because…well there is a red carpet and there were pictures. Everyone brings their best!

Here are some of the fall trends I have identified:

1. Leopard print. This makes the rounds every fall, but this year it is more prevalent than ever. Animal prints, in my opinion, are a basic wardrobe staple.

2. Camouflage. Another oldie but goodie, and re-imagined in ways that reference my favorite decade , the 80’s. There was some God-awful fashion back then, true. But now it looks fun and fresh to mix camo with neon.

3. Glen plaids as in menswear feel; couple of things here. Again, I feel an 80’s vibe with light shoulder padding and longer jackets that read more like hunting jackets. Favorite display in store?

Said jacket in a plum and grey glen plaid, sleeves rolled; worn over a tapered leg, cropped trouser. Can you say ‘Working Girl?’

Also seeing a lot of lumber-jack type plaids, as well as tartan plaids. A little 90’s Nirvana and a little Scottish kilt.

Make note of the leather/glossy shorts and leather trims

Good Grief! Those are SHOULDER PADS!

5. Goldenrod yellow

Elizabeth Carson Racker original on the runway at Tampa Bay Fashion Week

Here we have a houndstooth pattern over goldenrod. And below, a mid-90’s Clueless vibe – I mean, like…as if.

6. Oxblood. No. Not burgundy. Oxblood has a little more rust or brown to it…its a very deep, rich shade showing up in handbags, shoes, belts, apparel and accessories.

7. Plum. Another fall favorite, making a return ..often in rich velvet or elaborate lace creations.

Original by Essence Flowers, Tampa Bay Fashion Week 2018

8. Canteen handbags and belt bags. This shape is everywhere!

9. Romantic frills and petite florals

10. Ruffles!

11. Belt bags. No. Don’t call them fanny packs. Belt bags is the au courant term.


12. Leather dresses, skirts, trench coats, shorts, hats, jumpsuits and tops!

Notice the pegged leg. Anyone else remember parachute pants from the 80’s?

13. Gloss and shimmer; whether it is leather or metallic fabrics that sparkle and shine, getting your glow on is not just about highlighting your cheekbones anymore!

Love this mix of menswear and glitter
Essence Flowers design – a cascading waterfall of shimmer. Tampa Bay Fashion week 2018

Ah, the dilemma! I settled on shiny faux leather leggings from Spanx, with a loose and sheer leopard print blouse..and my new Michael Kors belt bag, worn low across my hips. Topped off with tortie acrylic earrings and tall, over the knee leather boots by Sam Edelman, I was ready to take in the show!



I had a great time, and you can go to my Instagram page (redlipstkblog) to see some of my favorite pieces from this years Tampa Bay Fashion Week runway show.

Putting the best fashion forward,


#fwtb2018 #fall2018 #falltrends


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